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GS Douville

Born from the passion of its owners for quality, craftsmanship and the art of Living, GS Douville opened its doors in September 2015, giving itself the mission of bringing quality footwear and accessories to the gentlemen of Montreal.

Founded by Guy Douville and Nathalie long, GS Douville has quickly gained the confidence of its customers through a highly qualitative selection of footwear, as well as a complimentary choice of male sartorial clothing. Thehomo sartorialis knowing how to recognize the quality, the shop met a great success.

In 2018, in front of the rise of GS Douville, Nathalie and Guy welcomed Pierre-Luc Charlebois, to support them in this Sartoriale adventure. This trio welcomes you now to offer you as much a classic dress shoe as a weekend boot while offering you clothes ranging from casual to dressed.

Beautiful shoes, exclusive clothing, and accessories for connoisseurs. GS Douville, this is the place where Montreal meets sartorial art!

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